Hard work, opportunity, innovation, humility, hope and divine providence have shaped the Gombos family legacy for almost 90 years. From agricultural trucking to hay processing, containerization, and export logistics, the Gombos name is well-known throughout the world as a name behind the entire hay export industry, countless innovations, technologies, and the opening of new markets for U.S. hay products. John and Mike sold their former company and created The Gombos Company in 2015 to start anew with 40 years of experience as the foundation from which to build the most efficient, highly-refined, value-added hay export and agricultural management company.

The Gombos Company management team is highly experienced and second to none, led by true pioneers in U.S. hay exports. John and Mike Gombos started in hay exports with their father in 1978. John’s youngest son, John E. managed the largest hay export processing facility in Northern California for 5 years and now manages The Gombos Company’s Pacific Central Region and hay press. Chris Carrow managed the largest hay export processing facility in Ellensburg Washington for 25 years and now manages The Gombos Company’s Pacific Northern Region. Lisa Stiles has managed accounting and finance with John and Mike for 25 years while Gregory DeWitt managed online and offline marketing with John and Mike for almost 10 years.

The Gombos Company is not really a new company; rather, it is the continuation of a legacy and a new generation of forage and roughage exports led by managers of the same team that built the largest, most innovative hay export company in the world. Through vigorous differentiation in products, quality control, processing, packaging, and progressive marketing, The Gombos Company delivers the “Gold Standard” in value-added U.S. forage and roughage products and services throughout the world.

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