The Gombos Company is proud to partner with Alliance Food Security Holdings based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our “Alliance” features a group of global partners and forage experts with over 300 years of combined experience, working together to form the world’s premier, sustainable forage supply chain for food producers and food security.

Our sister company, Forrejas San Mateo is located in Barcelona with two factories located near the seaport, allowing good execution of supply chain management.

Vallfogona de Balaguer (Lleida) features two dehydrating lines, one for corn and one for forage, with a total plant capacity of 64,800 MT of baled product and 54,000 MT of pellets.

Lanaja (Huesca) features one dehydrating line for forage with a a total plant capacity of 54,000 MT of baled products and 10,800 MT of pellets.

Forrejas San Mateo (FSM) products include dehydrated alfalfa bales, fescue, dehydrated ryegrass, wheat straw, and pellets. All FSM products are available to Far East markets via The Gombos Company and MENA markets via AFSH.