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Timothy Hay from Washington

Double Compressed Timothy Hay from Washington

Timothy Hay Field in Washington State

Nutritional Benefits

A Superior Forage Crop

Discover the exceptional benefits of Timothy hay as a nutrient-rich feed for livestock. Packed with high fiber, vitamins, and minerals, Timothy hay provides optimal nourishment, promoting healthy digestion and overall well-being for your animals. Maximize their health and productivity with our premium-quality Timothy hay products.

Phleum pratense

Timothy hay, a popular forage crop exported from the United States, is renowned for its exceptional quality and nutritional benefits. With its high fiber content and palatability, Timothy hay serves as a vital feed source for herbivores worldwide.

At The Gombos Company, we are dedicated to providing top-grade Timothy hay through our expertise in production, sourcing, and export. With stringent quality control measures and a commitment to traceability, we deliver superior Timothy hay products that meet the specific requirements of our valued customers. Experience the excellence of our Timothy hay and enhance the health and well-being of your herbivorous animals.

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Nourishing Herbivores with Quality Feed

A Nutrient-Rich Diet for Optimal Growth and Health: Timothy hay is a premium grass hay renowned for its nutritional value and suitability as a staple feed for herbivorous animals. Packed with essential nutrients, it promotes healthy growth, supports proper digestion, and enhances overall well-being. Discover the benefits of this high-quality feed for your beloved herbivores.

A Resilient Perennial Grass

Growth Characteristics and Harvesting Process: Timothy hay originates from resilient perennial grass that flourishes in well-maintained fields. With its slender stems and distinctive cylindrical seed head, it is harvested at the optimal time for peak nutritional content. Meticulous cutting, drying, and baling processes ensure the preservation of its quality and freshness.

Supporting Digestive Health for Equines

High Fiber Content and Low Sugar Benefits: Equines, including horses, benefit from the high fiber content and low sugar levels found in timothy hay. This nutrient balance promotes healthy digestion, reduces the risk of metabolic issues like laminitis, and helps maintain an ideal body weight. Discover why timothy hay is a top choice for equine nutrition.

Timothy Hay for Herbivorous Pets

Versatility and Balanced Nutrition for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and More: Timothy hay isn’t limited to equines; it also serves as a versatile dietary option for herbivorous pets. Rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals can benefit from the balanced nutrition, dental health support, and environmental enrichment provided by timothy hay. Explore the benefits of this essential feed for your furry companions.

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