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Supreme Alfalfa from Nevada

Supreme Alfalfa from Washington State

Supreme Alfalfa from Washington State

Premium Alfalfa from Nevada

Premium Alfalfa from Nevada

Premium Alfalfa from Oregon

Premium Alfalfa from California

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With these stringent quality control measures in place, we strive to deliver excellence in every bale, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Quality Control Checklist

At The Gombos Company, we prioritize gold standard customer satisfaction. Our personnel are trained to adhere to the following quality control check-list:

  • Grade: Does the hay meet the customer’s expected grade?
  • Science (Objective): Does the hay meet the customer’s expected lab analysis?
  • Art (Subjective): Does the hay meet the customer’s expected physical criteria?
  • Origin: Does the hay come from the customer’s expected origin?
  • Appearance: Does the hay have the desired visual appearance?
  • Contaminants: Is the hay free of foreign contaminants, weeds, dirt, or trash?
  • Moisture: Is the moisture content of the hay below 12%?

The Six Forces of Excellence

1. Sourcing

Ensuring Quality from the Start

When we purchase hay from farmers, it marks the beginning of our quality control process. At the farm, we inspect, grade, and test the moisture content of the hay. Core samples are sent to a third-party laboratory certified by the National Forage Testing Association for further analysis.

2. In-Bounding

Rigorous Inspection upon Arrival

Upon the physical receipt of hay at our processing facility, we conduct thorough inspections. Trucks delivering the hay are weighed, and we inspect, grade, and test the moisture content at the entry scale. After unloading, the truck is weighed again, and the tonnage is recorded in our inventory system.

3. Storing

Ensuring Quality in Long-Term Storage

For long-term storage, we have designated barns with a capacity of 5,000 tons each as well as stack pads for export tarping. In most cases, incoming loads are taken to long-term storage. Our inventory manager inspects, grades, and tests the moisture content, and monthly re-inspections are conducted for all hay stored in these facilities.

4. Staging

Preparing for Processing

Hay is moved to short-term storage, located adjacent to the press barn, before processing. This staging area has a capacity of up to 2,500 tons depending on the facility. Whether transferred from long-term storage or delivered directly from an inbound truck, we conduct inspections, grading, and moisture testing to ensure the hay meets our standards before processing.

5. Processing

Precision and Attention to Detail

During processing, the hay is pressed into customer-specified bale sizes. The press supervisor inspects, grades, and tests the moisture content to ensure it meets customer expectations. Our employees diligently look for any potential quality issues, such as bale twine or foreign materials, and address them before loading the hay into export containers.

6. Out-Bounding

Final Check before Shipping

Before closing and sealing the container doors for delivery to the port, a final visual inspection is conducted on all hay. This ensures that the hay meets our quality standards and customer expectations. Once the container leaves the scale, it is considered out-bounded.

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