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Discover our exceptional range of high-quality hay products for livestock worldwide. Experience excellence in every bale.

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Double Compressed 1/2-Cut and Full Bales

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Double Compressed Bales and G-PAC™

Diverse Options

Sleeve, Strap, and G-Pac™

Discover our wide selection of hay export packaging solutions, tailored to meet the needs of various animal feed operations. From small bales perfect for small dairies to log bales and big bales favored by large dairy farms, our natural press method ensures high-quality alfalfa without compromising its nutritional value.

Tailored Solutions for Alfalfa Export

Discover our Hay Export Packaging options designed to meet diverse needs. Choose from:

  • 25-30Kg & 55-60Kg Natural Press Fresh Flake™ Small Bale
  • 120Kg Natural Press Log Bale
  • 450Kg Natural Press Mag Bale Sleeve (4, 8, or 16-cut)

Our packages are crafted for animal feed operations worldwide. Small bales suit small dairies and trading companies, while log bales and big bales are preferred by large dairy farms and distribution companies.

Unveiling “Natural Press”

Our export processing technology, “Natural Press,” ensures near-harvest quality hay. No blending, chopping, or mixing occurs. We press alfalfa from the original bale, preserving its nutritional value. Unlike outdated methods, we prioritize intact alfalfa leaves for optimal animal nutrition.


Configurations: 4, 8, and 16-cut

The popular 450Kg Natural Press Mag Bale Sleeve offers 4, 8, or 16-cut configurations. These cuts facilitate convenient handling when creating mixed rations. Experience consistent fiber length, enhanced leaf attachment, and reduced powder compared to traditional big bales.

Introducing G-PAC™

Experience the G-PAC™ advantage, unitizing small bales for easy handling, storage, and resale. Available for Natural Press Fresh Flake™ small bales and other export hay products. G-PAC™ unitization is 24 bales for 25-30Kg and 12 bales for 55-60Kg. Additional charges may apply.

Alternative Packaging Options

We provide various packaging choices to cater to diverse preferences. All bales are secured with poly strap or sleeve material, without any metal wire.

Choose The Gombos Company for superior hay export packaging, prioritizing quality, convenience, and the nutritional needs of your animals.

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