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Exceptional Quality for Livestock Feed Worldwide

Welcome to The Gombos Company, your premier supplier of premium and standard-grade hay products for international markets. We specialize in exporting high-quality alfalfa, Timothy hay, and other grass hay and straw products from the United States to customers worldwide. With a strong focus on quality control and customer satisfaction, The Gombos Company is your trusted partner in the industry.

Alfalfa | Timothy | Other Hay

Sourcing Excellence Directly from the Finest Growing Regions

Experience hay products sourced directly from the finest growing regions in the United States, known for their fertile soil, ideal climate, and hay production expertise. From the Pacific Northwest to the Pacific Central Region and the Pacific Southern Region, we ensure top-notch quality by harvesting at the optimal times specifically for export purposes. This guarantees hay with high nutritional content and ideal physical characteristics.

Meeting Importers' Needs with All Grades of Alfalfa

As a customer-driven company, we cater to importers seeking all grades of alfalfa from the United States. Our product line aligns with popular search terms such as "premium alfalfa export," "USA alfalfa supplier," "top-quality grass hay for import," and "reliable straw exporter." By incorporating these keywords, we enhance accessibility and ensure our offerings reach the desired audience effectively.

Commitment to Quality with Meticulous Grading and Inspection

Quality control is our priority. Our dedicated hay acquisition team meticulously inspects each haystack, grading it based on key factors like leaf retention, stem size, texture, color, and total leaf-to-stem ratio. This rigorous process ensures that our customers receive only the best hay products, meeting their specific requirements.

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Promoting Livestock Excellence with Superior Nutrition for Optimal Growth

We understand the critical role hay plays in various industries, particularly in dairy farming. Our carefully selected alfalfa, grass hay, and straw products provide superior nutrition, promoting optimal growth and performance of livestock. Sustainability is essential to us, and we aim to foster long-lasting partnerships with our customers, supporting their success and contributing to the growth of their businesses.

Custom Packaging Solutions: Meeting Your Unique Needs

Explore our diverse range of packaging options designed to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need compressed bales, large square bales, or customized packaging, we can accommodate your preferences. Our comprehensive product lineup and flexible packaging solutions ensure you have access to the right hay products for your market requirements.

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Reliability, Integrity, and Excellence is Our Commitment to You

At The Gombos Company, we pride ourselves on our reputation for reliability, integrity, and excellence. We deliver superior quality, exceptional customer service, and on-time shipments. Experience the difference of working with a trusted partner who understands the complexities of the hay export industry and exceeds your expectations.

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