What Bale Sizes are Offered by The Gombos Company?

The Gombos Company offers several hay export packaging options including:

  • 25-30Kg Natural Press Fresh Flake™ Small Bale
  • 55-60Kg Natural Press Fresh Flake™ Small Bale
  • 120Kg Natural Press Log Bale
  • 450Kg Natural Press Mag Bale Sleeve (4, 8, or 16-cut)

In fact, our bale sizes (packages) are designed for different types animal feed operations anywhere in the world. For example, small dairies and trading companies tend to prefer the natural press small bale alfalfa packages for their ease of handling. Conversely, large dairy farms and distribution companies tend to prefer natural press log bales and big bales.

What do you mean by “Natural Press?”

All hay that is exported by The Gombos Company is at near-harvest quality by using the latest in export processing technology called “Natural Press.” This means there is never any blending, chopping, or mixing. The alfalfa is pressed naturally, literally from the original bale, into the customer’s specified package. The value-added bales are then loaded into the container and exported.

In the old days of hay export processing, the bales would be sliced several times vertically and horizontally. The chunks of hay were then fed through a series of conveyors. After dropping and tumbling a few times, the loose hay would be stuffed into a sleeve or re-baled with straps. This is a messy (and dusty) process that practically destroys the alfalfa leaf, which is very important for animal nutrition. Unfortunately, a number of hay exporters still use this process. NOT The Gombos Company!

What is 4, 8, and 16-cut?

The 450Kg Natural Press Mag Bale Sleeve is a very popular hay export packaging option. The Gombos Company offers this package in either 4, 8, or 16-cut configurations. By offering 1 or 3 additional cuts, end-users appreciate the ease of handling when formulating mixed rations for their herds. The cut configurations are as follows:

  • A – 4 cut (normal, no additional cuts)
  • B – 8 cut (one additional vertical cut)
  • C – 16 cut (two additional horizontal cuts)
Hay export packaging of the 450Kg Natural Press Mag Bale Sleeve with 4, 8, or 16 cuts.

Hay export packaging of the 450Kg Natural Press Mag Bale Sleeve with 4, 8, or 16 cuts.

Bottom line, end-users appreciate receiving pure, natural press alfalfa with consistent fiber length, greater leaf attachment and less powder as compared to the chopped and blended big bales from old technology presses.

Are Sleeve Bales the Only Option for Hay Export Packaging?

No! Regardless of hay export package, all bales are held together with poly strap or sleeve material. There is absolutely no metal wire used to secure any package.

What is G-PAC™?

G-PAC™ is the process of wrapping small bales into manageable dumps of hay. In other words, small bales are easier to handle, store, and re-sell when they are unitized. G-PAC™ is available for Natural Press Fresh Flake™ small bale alfalfa and other export hay products. 25-30Kg is 24 bales per G-PAC™ while 55-60Kg is 12 bales per G-PAC. Additional charges apply.