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View, download or share Gombos videos such as this one. Our VP of Operations, John E. Gombos, demonstrates how easily and naturally small bale alfalfa flakes apart. Each flake weighs about 1Kg in the 25-30Kg bale. Likewise, in the 55-60Kg bale, each flake is about 2Kg each. There are 25-30 layers per bale regardless of bale size. You can learn more by reading Small Bale Alfalfa that’s both Natural Press & Fresh Flake™.

Natural Press Fresh Flake™ Small Bale Alfalfa

Contact us today for more information and to place orders for Natural Press Fresh Flake™ small bale alfalfa.

More videos coming soon!

Gombos Videos - The Gold Standard in U.S. Forage Exports

The Gombos Company – The Gold Standard in U.S. Forage Exports