Large Scale Farming

A Journey of Growth and Agricultural Excellence

In 1988, John and Mike embarked on a transformative farming venture, partnering with Pete Taggares of Taggares Farms in Oregon. Together, they assumed management of the alfalfa farming operations, forming TACX. Over the next five years, TACX expanded alfalfa production from 1,800 to 12,000 acres (yielding 75,000 tons annually), establishing a controlled supply of forage that propelled them to become industry leaders in exporting forage and roughage.

Introducing Ag-MD - Your Trusted Farming Partner

Ag-MD, Agricultural Management and Development, is and Advisory/Consulting firm born from the expertise and success of The Gombos Company. Led by Mr. John Summers, Ag-MD brings science-based knowledge and on-farm experience to help growers, investors, and supply chain providers achieve their agricultural goals.

With a global footprint spanning North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Ag-MD offers services in farm acquisition, development, management, and focused advisory and consulting. Their collaboration with The Gombos Company ensures customers receive top-tier expertise in optimizing farming operations, enhancing productivity, and addressing challenges.

Together, they form a powerful force in the industry, delivering exceptional agricultural solutions to clients worldwide. Explore Ag-MD’s comprehensive services and unlock the full potential of your agricultural enterprise.

Honing the art

Refining Farm Management Disciplines

Through their extensive experience managing TACX for over a decade, John and Mike honed their expertise in various farm management disciplines, including:


  • Soil analysis and precise fertilization techniques.
  • Effective ground preparation and strategic planting practices.
  • Determining optimal seed varieties and input quantities per acre.
  • Implementing targeted herbicide and insecticide applications for weed and insect control.
  • Managing water usage with well-calibrated amounts and schedules.
  • Selecting, acquiring, and maintaining efficient harvest equipment.
  • Hiring and training skilled harvest crews.
  • Establishing cutting and harvesting schedules for optimal yield.
  • Ensuring adequate storage and processing facilities and equipment.
  • Applying Generally Accepted Accounting Principles tailored to farming operations.
Al Dahra Farms USA: A Global Agricultural Management Success

In 2012, John and Mike ventured further by establishing Al Dahra Farms USA as a subsidiary, now fully owned by Al Dahra ACX Global. This farm became the largest subsurface drip irrigation alfalfa farm in the United States, encompassing over 5,000 owned or controlled acres in Arizona and California. Al Dahra Farms USA developed meticulous systems and processes, ensuring complete traceability of products from seed to harvest to market, while adhering to stringent overseas phytosanitary, GMO, and PPQ regulations.

From “Cradle to Grave” Agricultural Expertise

Through Al Dahra Farms USA, John and Mike expanded their agricultural management skills on a global scale, overseeing farms, logistics, and marketing throughout the entire lifecycle of operations. From identifying suitable land, conducting thorough due diligence, securing water rights, and developing and managing the farm, to successfully marketing hay products to export customers, their expertise covers every aspect of the agricultural journey.

Join us on our remarkable journey of large-scale farming, rooted in unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainable practices, and global agricultural leadership.

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