When Did The Gombos Company Begin as an Alfalfa Exporter?

Having grown-up in the family business, brothers, John and Mike Gombos, founded The Gombos Company in the summer of 2015. However, the Gombos brothers actually started as an alfalfa exporter in 1978. From agriculture logistics, opening new markets, innovation, and large-scale farming, the family has led the industry from the start. With humble beginnings in agriculture, the Gombos family has sustained their commitment to an ever-expanding global industry. As a result of their pioneering leadership, John and Mike received the Presidential “E” Award in 2012.

What is The Gombos Company Mission Statement?

Through vigorous differentiation in products, quality control, processing, packaging, and progressive marketing, The Gombos Company delivers the “Gold Standard” in value-added U.S. forage and roughage products and services throughout the world.

What is a “Gold Standard” Alfalfa Exporter?

Far from being a new alfalfa exporter, The Gombos Company represents a continuing family legacy in agricultural logistics. The same, seasoned managers who built one of the largest hay export companies in the world now lead The Gombos Company. Because these Gombos managers truly love the hay business, they have very high standards–gold standards!

Therefore, gold standard alfalfa exporter excellence requires vigorous differentiation in every area: Products, quality control, processing, packaging, and progressive marketing.

Who Is On The Gombos Company Management Team?

Mentored by alfalfa exporter pioneers, John M. and Michael N. Gombos, Jr., The Gombos Company management team is highly experienced. Leading the helm as President, Chris Carrow has worked with the Gombos family as an alfalfa exporter since 1989. As manager of the largest alfalfa exporter facility in Washington State for 25 years, Chris knows the hay business inside and out.

Also growing-up in the family business, John E. Gombos serves as Vice President of Operations. Likewise, his brother, Nicholas J. Gombos, serves as Director of Marketing & Vertically Integrated Alliances. After five years as manager of the largest alfalfa exporter facility in Central California, John now manages the Gombos facility in Woodland, CA. As the former  Director of Supply Chain and Logistics in the family business, Nick now manages large-scale alfalfa exporter distribution and vertical relationships.

As a foremost inventory accounting expert for value-added agricultural products, Lisa Stiles serves as the Directory of Finance. Having worked with John and Mike in the hay business since 1989, Lisa is often referred-to as “the mother of hay export.” Last but not least, with a background in online, offline, and progressive marketing, Gregory DeWitt serves as Marketing Manager. Having started with the Gombos family in 2008, he has an extensive background in supply chain and logistics and policy and procedure.

The Gold Standard Alfalfa Exporter in U.S. Forage Exports

The Gombos Company is the Gold Standard in U.S. Alfalfa Exports