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The Gombos Company

Directly sourcing alfalfa, grass hay, and straw products from the Western USA, with a global reach.

Harvesting Innovation

Growing Alfalfa

The Gombos Company’s sister company, Ag-MD, develops and manages subsurface drip irrigated alfalfa farms in Arizona’s heartland to deliver you a sustainable forage and animal feed supply chain.

Discover Our story

The journey behind our family’s passion for delivering exceptional hay exports worldwide

Export Forage Products

Unveiling a rich assortment of premium and standard alfalfa and grass hay products for global export

Shipping & Logistics

Unlocking efficient sourcing and streamlined shipping for hassle-free hay exportation worldwide

Quality Control

Discover how we ensure exceptional standards, guaranteeing premium hay products for your satisfaction.

Global Select™ Alfalfa

The Benefits of Sun-Cured Alfalfa Hay from the USA

Alfalfa is exceptional nutritional value, providing essential nutrients for optimal health and performance in livestock

Pacific Northern Division Export Processing

Royal City and Moses Lake, Washington exporting through the Port of Seattle and Port of Tacoma


Pacific  Central Division Export Processing

Woodland, California flagship facility exporting through the Port of Oakland


Pacific Southern Division

Eloy, Arizona exporting by rail via the Port of Tucson to Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach


Export Support Offices

Customer service, documentation, accounting, marketing, and logistical support 

Global Trade

From Fields to Global Markets

Unveiling the Alfalfa Export Business Process: Explore the meticulous journey of cultivation, quality control, logistics, and international trade, ensuring reliable supply and quality alfalfa for the world’s markets.

Elevate Your Export Journey

Experience the Distinction of Working with The Gombos Company, Where Best Practices Drive Seamless and Successful Alfalfa Exportation.

Stremlined Export Compliance

Gain a Competitive Edge with The Gombos Company, Ensuring Smooth Operations and Adherence to Regulations for Exportation.

Raising the Bar

Choose The Gombos Company for Alfalfa Export with Confidence, as We Exceed International Standards with Uncompromising Compliance.

Industry Affiliations

Sector Alliances

The National Hay Association

The National Hay Association promotes and advances the interests of the hay industry, including fostering high-quality standards, facilitating networking and collaboration among industry professionals, and advocating for the growth and success of the hay sector.

U.S. Forage Export Council Member The Gombos Company
U.S. Forage Council

The U.S. Forage Export Council stands for safe forage backed by the highest standards, providing forage from fields in the United States to customers around the world.

U.S. Forage Export Council Member The Gombos Company
Agriculture Transportation Coalition

AgTC is the voice of agricultural exporters in US transportation policy, providing updates, workshops, advocacy, resources, and career opportunities for its members.

U.S. Forage Export Council Member The Gombos Company
National Alfalfa & Forage Alliance

NAFA’s primary focus is issue advocacy and policy development  and implementation in all areas affecting the forage industry such as federal research funding, and farm policy.

National Alfalfa & Forage Alliance Member The Gombos Company

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